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Funny that.

Last Updated: 5th April 2015

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Penney releases first annoying catchphase in a decade.
Gopsian Stephen Penney released his first catchphrase in a decade last Friday, proudly announcing "Bish Bash Bosh: One in the Tosh!" More...

Davies wins Bad Snooker World Championship
World Champion Zack Davies takes home the "Dead Mouse" trophy after beating David Edgar in the Grand Final at Ispog. More...

On the Impossibility of World Rule through Thermodynamic Loopholes
Our science correspondent Zack Davies lets off some steam More...

Young Project Engineer
On April 6th 1995, four members of Gopsi participated in a project which earned them a gold CREST award. The remaining details of this project are available online for the first time here.
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The really very odd world of David

The History of ISPOG, Part 1

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Prime Minister's Conundrum Time

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Mystic Bert
2004 Visit to Minsden Chapel

Massacre at Ispog cinema

ISPOG Hospital best in UK!

Vatican to Canonise David Blaine

Simon Admits: Maybe I Am Not A Rock After All

Scientists to fix Bugs

Hundreds killed in Labour Landslide

Americans screw up election

Hague Accuses BBC of Bias

Sales-Assistant Sacked

Sales-Assitant Sacked - Day 2

Blair tells nation

Local pensioner to vote tory

Charles Kennedy Assasinated

What do you think? : The Election

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