A General Plan of the Inter-Governmental System of the Guild Of Perfectly Sane Individuals, and Unequivocally Not Sheep of Any Kind, As Presented to the Above and Aforementioned Board of Intellects in the Year of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Four with the Misfortune to Live in this Uncivilised Permutation of the Thought of Humankind but Yet with the Intention to It Change for The Better By Instituting An Adequate Philosophy of Democracy for the Complete and Total Solution of the World's, Planet's, Solar System's, Galaxy's and Universe's Problems Which Are Not, It Must Be Added, Insurmountable by Dividing the Power Between the Chair of Gopsi And Building, That Is To Say, Putting Into Place, Certain Directorates As Outlined Most Respectfully To Ye, The Reader, On The Lower Section of This Gem of Parchment:

Sub-division of the Supreme Gopsiet Politburo
Deputy Directorate Dukedom
Edgar, David 1. Abstract relations
  1. Existence
  2. Relation
  3. Quantity
  4. Order
  5. Number
  6. Time
  7. Change
  8. Causation
Clark, Andrew 2. Space
  1. Space in general
  2. Dimensions
  3. Form
  4. Motion
Davies, Zack 3. Matter
  1. Matter in general
  2. Inorganic matter
  3. Organic matter
Democratis, Timothy 4. Intellect: the exercise of the mind
Division one:
Formation of ideas
  1. General
  2. Precursory conditions and operations
  3. Materials for reasoning
  4. Reasoning processes
  5. Results of reasoning
  6. Extension of thought
  7. Creative thought
Division two:
Communication of ideas
  1. Nature of ideas communicated
  2. Modes of communication
  3. Means of communicating ideas
Penney, Stephen 5. Volition: the exercise of the will
Division one:
Individual volition
  1. Volition in general
  2. Prospective volition
  3. Voluntary action
  4. Antagonism
  5. Results of action
Division two:
Social volition
  1. General social volition
  2. Special social volition
  3. Conditional social volition
  4. Possessive relations
Jackson, Ian 6. Emotion, religion and morality
  1. General
  2. Personal emotion
  3. Interpersonal emotion
  4. Morality
  5. Religion