As anyone will testify, arguing is a fun pastime, guarantied to win you lots of friends and resolve differences in a constructive manner. If you are a beginner, there are many topics you can argue about, from Modern Art to Modern Music to Modern Art (for the umpteenth time in a row). There are several techniques you can use in arguing, to make it informative and entertaining. Well, for you at least.

1. The "Subtle change in viewpoint". This consists of, halfway through the argument, changing to agree with your opponent. Only do this if you're losing, and don't allow anyone else to do it.

2. The "Quibbling over minor details" ploy. The idea behind this is that if you can score positive victory points over your opponent on matters like the definition of Modern Art, you can feel morally and intellectually superior for the rest of the argument. It also wastes time if you're losing.

3. Be Ben Burningham.