Deep, in the heart of the science block, lies a mysterious phenomenon not known anywhere else in the school. If one traverses the length (or some of it) of the corridor, a door can be found, by the place where of old a locker vandalising ceremony took place, leading, so it is believed to an otherwise almost inaccessible room (excepting the prep room door and the door to the gob garden). In this room are many strange creatures, including birds, goldfish (which are not gold) and a hampstergerbilguineapig type thing. Perhaps the most strange is bed-bug, who lives in a cupboard labelled "Mr. Jones", where he mates with farmers with beards. However, just near that Aristotle lives, in a tank: Aristotle, the axolotl. It lives there, in it's duplicate form, making vital decisions about the future of civilisation, and eating worms.