The award system for Pole-sliding is very simple. Each consecutive award is more difficult that the previous, and demands the use of new skills. The possible awards are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Instructor and Judge.

To get a bronze, the pole-slider must be able to slide down the black pole (q.v.) without the aid of his (deliberate use of the word 'his' to annoy feminists) hands. It is also a requirement to demonstrate the ability to mount and slide the pole whilst looking in a reverse direction. The contender must also cross one of the Croquet Hoops (smaller poles that curve over into little arches) cross-ways without the use of the hands. Legs/hands must not touch the ground.

On the Black Pole, the entrant must be able to slide down and mid-journey, stop with the aid of one hand. This must be sustained for a further 10 seconds. A backward slide must also be performed. On the Croquet Hoops, you must sit laterally on the Hoop directly above the doorstop and proceed to make a 360o turn without the use of your hands in any way. However, the door-stop can be used to aid your purpose. The touching of legs or any part of your body on the ground will nullify the award.

The task for the gold award on the Black Pole, is sit at the top of the pole with your legs on one side and begin to slide, then by whatever way possible, to use the Pole to manoeuvre your legs over to the other side, whence to continue sliding. The Croquet Hoop part of the award is the same as with Silver, only it must be carried out on the Hoop without the doorstop. It is imperative that no part of the body should touch anything other than the air and the black pole in these awards.

To gain an instructor award, you must have Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards and be able to describe in detail one area of Pole Sliding to do with Technique, or Safety, Awards etc. to the satisfaction of one judge or two instructors. Also, you must invent a practice that could help new learners of the Art of Pole Sliding in technique.

For a judge award, you must have all the other awards and hold at least one Trophy. Furthermore, you must successfully judge a Bronze, Silver and Gold test in the presence of two other Judges. You can only become a Judge if you are also co-opted by three existing Judges (to be substituted by Instructors if there are not three Judges).

See also: trophies, pole sliding.