Beatles, The

Fab group renowned for their deep and meaningful lyrics: "She loves you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah whoo." (Repeat four times). "Number nine, number nine, number nine, blah blah blah, babies crying, traffic, John cage, this jolly music is jolly easy, eh chaps?". John Lennon, during his travels, met a wonderfully talented female Japanese artist. Unfortunately, he married Yoko Ono instead. Ha bloody ha.

It is a little known fact that John Lennon's initials are J L, which if the L is pushed up a letter to M, and an A is inserted, the word JAM is produced.

There is a higher then 0% probability that John Lennon ate some jam in his life, which is also the percentage of his life he had lived before the event of his birth. By a curious coincidence, John was 0 years old when he was born, exactly the same as Kevin M Snoad. Excuse me for a moment.