Blue custard same lovely creatures

This phrase is, for some rather unknown and uncared for reason, a part of the Gopsi heritage of language. It means much to some, less to others and indeed not very much at all to most. However, it deserves comment as a symbol of Gopsi culture, society and language today. (And last Friday, especially in the morning).

It is not that "Blue custard" is particularly worthy of note, not being as tasty as normal pinky-purple custard. Neither is it that "lovely creatures" have anything special to offer us in the manner of the citizens of Ispog's delights and standards. But, then can we really reduce it to saying that the "same" is what inspires and leads us in this battle against insanity, sinfulness, black dustbin bags and large green motorcycle covers? No, I see that it is the whole that drives us on, pushing us to the limits of human ability, the highest peaks of endurance and even so the deepest pits of peculiarity. Still it is that with this everlasting concept we may prosper while those around us fall, and we may succeed while others fail.