Brass Philip and the liabilities could run into millions

Philip Wright is a former pupil of Beaumont school. Unfortunately he had an eye disorder which meant he had to wear sun-glasses whenever he was outside. He was thus forced to put up with looking like a poser.

One of his lesser achievements is the running of a brass group. It started off badly, with about four people, and within a few weeks it had got down to only Philip. On the subject of music, however, we must pay tribute to Philip's wonderful concert in which he impressed and amazed everyone with his talent (and the size of his ego). This particular concert was the one with the explosions at the back of the orchestra. Very nice, but we are, one might say, glad to see the back of him. Although it's preferable not to see him at all.

Philip enhanced his connection with Gopsi culture with that famous statement: "The liabilities could run into millions". This was on the subject of the black pole itself, talking, in Philip's righteous manner of how dangerous it could be if it were damaged by us sliders, and someone fell down the steps, injuring themselves.

As they say, "Two wrongs don't make a right, but one Wright is a disaster."