This lesson has the second most pointless forms on the planet liberally doled out every lesson. This is very considerate, as we normally run out of paper for aeroplanes quite soon. Here is a sample:

Section A:
Put a tick next to the box which best describes your career intentions. In each column, make sure that the row corresponds to the diagonal numerical equivalent, and that three wattles are called before a murgatroyd is declared.


If you ticked the box marked "lumberjack", you want to be a lumberjack.

Section B:
It is important that you find out what sort of person you are. We mean, like, deep inside. No, seriously, we really care what happens to you, because Careers teachers are nice people, thoroughly trained to do their job. Tick the box which best describes your view of yourself. Then get a friend to do it. Then a neighbour. Then that bloke down the street that you don't talk to much. Then a member of the Sri Lankan cricket team.

  1. I am sad and lonely with no friends:
  2. I have an active social life and many friends:

If you ticked box 1, too damn right. I mean, what sort of person actually fills in this sort of form, except hurriedly in about five seconds when the careers teacher is coming your way? By the same logic, I doubt very highly you ticked box 2. If you did, you were lying.