Carter, Brian

(Alias Jimmy Lenin the Phantom Merciless Unstoppable Farting Sex Monk Snail Gorkovich.)

Mr B. Carter, not to be confused with an IRA Mafia Brothel associate living in a certain unmentionably interesting place, is often thought of as wearing a bow-tie. This is perhaps because he normally does. It makes him look a right fool.

Jimmy Lenin in renowned for teaching technology, the only thing which he does well in life. And "well" , is of course, a relative term. Just like "cousin". Still, because of him it was possible to obtain a free BTEC in technology, and what better rubbish to fill up a C.V., or an "Action Plan". We must also thank him for getting a gold "CREST" award with Y.P.E.! We got a gold award! We got a gold award!

See also: Caveman. (Well, try not to, because he's an ugly sight to behold. And don't get within a mile of him unless absolutely unavoidable. You might die, or even get told to go away.)