Democratis, Timothy Z

Believed to be a descendant of the philosopher Democritis, who invented the theory that matter consists of minutely small indivisible particles, to account for the size of his own penis, fun loving Timothy is always good for a shag laugh. Born in 1962 on Venus, according to his birth certificate, it is a little known fact that Timothy is in fact a third-generation re-incarnation of Doris Stokes (the other two incarnations being run over in unforeseen accidents). He was not in fact conceived by normal means, but was dropped down a chimney by the stork. This accounts for his unusual chastity and purity, (shome mishtake shurely -ed.) [I don't know who keeps putting in all these bloody ed's comments, but it ain't me! -real ed.], and the first degree burns to his legs - the fire was lit at the time. Nothing has happened to him since that he would agree to being included in this encyclopedia, so sadly we will be unable to relate the Swedish butter-smearing incident, or what he did get up to under the covers at Kemsing Youth Hostel. Sorry. He died last week in a tragic bull-shitting accident. The bull was not amused. This entry is dedicated to his memory. Si monumentum requiris, circumise.