Flatulence is the gaseous form of turding and urination, i.e. excretion from the body of waste produce from eaten food and drink. The overall standard of fart is measured on the Edgar scale. This incorporates volume, power, smell intensity, length of time covered, volume of air moved, number of people killed, vehicles destroyed, craters created and so on. It runs on the scale, being between 0 for no fart recognised at all and infinity for complete universal destruction. This is to be noted carefully, because this is the new revised scale, the old one ending at 1,000,000. Record Edgar scale values so far recorded are by the master himself, Mr. D. R. Edgar, being a 50 for the infamous art corridor queue blow-off and the 30 dead rat stinker. He acknowledges that there is indeed a great art to farting well. Of course, it takes far too long to explain without a book of its own. However, a useful tip from the master for getting better scores is to let the fart out freely, with no constriction and so loss of power, volume, or smell dispersion.