(A.K.A Pooball)

The unanimous vote of the ultimately wise in connection with the method of sadistic torture already mentioned is that it is a symbol of evil, hatred, pain, stupidity and horror to any of the few. It is more than that, however, because it is not just a symbol, but in fact it is evil, hatred, pain, stupidity and horror.

In the beginning was football, and football was with Satan, and football was Satan. He was with Satan in the beginning.

Football is still with us and, although it has shown its evil, it is still played. It just terrifies me to think that such sadomasochistic pleasure is practised in the world today.

Such are the ways of the world, and we must learn to harness or strengths and fight against the ultimate evil, determined to bring in to the world peace, justice, happiness and freedom, for the sakes of not only ourselves but also of those mindless beings lured to the devil.