Gas Oil, 35 Secs of

One of the wonders of Ispog takes the form of a box, to the southwest of the territory, with the above words inscribed on it. These indicate that the contents of the box are 35 seconds worth of Gas oil. The second, a somewhat unusual quantity to measure Gas Oil in, is used here because it would be silly to have 35 Bequerels of Gas oil, or even worse, 35 candelas of Gas Oil. See Appendix F. These 35 Seconds of Gas Oil have played an important part in the life of Gopsi. Not a very important part, admittedly, but still an important part. Well perhaps not quite important, but more than absolutely useless. Actually, they have been totally and completely without use, and have not contributed nothing to any part of the life of gopsi worth noting. However, some people make these sorts of comments about Gopsi itself, so therefore the 35 seconds of Gas Oil are consequently responsible for a large proportion of the importance of Gopsi.