George, St

Everybody goes on about how great St. George must have been, going off to kill that dragon and all the rest, but if we have to have a patron saint, wouldn't it be better to have one who wasn't congenitally stupid? I mean, what sort of nutter wakes up in the morning and thinks "Ho hum, feel like a change from the day to day office slog, I think I'll go and kill a seventy-five foot long five ton fire breathing armour plated mythical creature. I may be a little late for dinner, Maureen love". Even leaving aside the maniacal brainlessness of the task, what sort of example is this setting our children? Go out and kill one of the few remaining specimens of a species hunted down and destroyed by man? I mean, like, kind of, like, the whales! Dolphins! Teepee die-dye wigwam thank you ma'am Greenpeace in our time I have in my hand a piece of recycled paper! Etc.! In actual fact the dragon probably died out due to emigration to America- death by starvation due to lack of beautiful virgins, ho ho knowing snigger.