Gilvo, creation of

As described in Gilvo, Mr. Wibbleywobbley has recently been shown to have an infinitely large mass, and infinitely great size and to compensate for these, infinitely small genitalia. However, the latest research in the field has discovered the cause of such a state.

In the beginning was a French open sandwich. Gradually, all the edible ingredients in the kitchen were finished up, having been put onto the half-baguette, and so, the omnipotent maker began to cover the bread with all the furniture of the kitchen. Table, Chairs, Oven, Toaster, Cooker, Fridge. A sprinkling of cheese was scattered over the sandwich, and in the French custom, it was put into the oven. However, the oven that was cooking the sandwich was in the sandwich that was being cooked in the oven that was in the sandwich that was being cooked by the oven that was in the sandwich that was being cooked by..... . This process goes on today, and will do to infinity. The effect of this was to turn the phallically-shaped sandwich into an infinitely small singularity. As with all singularities, therefore, there had to be a black hole, with inversely proportional mass and size. Hence Gilvo.

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