Irene t b ngs h use

For many years, as you walked down Central Drive, St. Albans (or cycled, or travelled by any other suitable means), you would be able to see, towards the north of Central Drive, at the corner on to Woodland Drive, a building with it's name written in two places. Unfortunately, knowing the type of world we live in, vandals had made changes to the words. (As they often do: changing, removing or adding letters on signs to create words with a meaning not originally intented.) So, on one side of this not altogether remarkable building, worthy not of credit but only of a couple of election posters from time to time, the name of the building was changed to "Irene Stebbings House", which, as anyone can see, is really stupid.

However, little had anyone thought that before long the other name would also be changed to "Irene Stebbings House" too. What a catastrophic event for mankind. (And Gopsi).

It is also not at all worth noting that Irene t b ngs h use was pronounced in two ways by different people, leading to a disagreement. The h use could be pronounced as in "Doctor Who's Tardis" or as in "Fussy". The former is now the internationally accepted pronunciation.

Hooray for Doctor Who.