Jackson, Ian

Before writing this entry I asked Ian what he thought it should include, and he just told me to make him look interesting, so here goes.

Ian was born in India in 1978 AD, and was brought up by wolves. When he was five he was kidnapped by Mexican rice thieves, and lived with them until their village was eaten by a giant slug. At seven he wrote the international best-seller "A critical analysis of post 19th century fundamentalism", before starring in the hit movie "My worm and I", which he also directed.

When he was ten he moved to England after being shot to death and mysteriously reincarnated in Austria. Here he worked for two years in a porn shop in Soho, before attending Beaumont for secondary education, and eventually Gopsi. He is also King of Norway, and is highly involved in the monetary policies of several other major planets in the Universe.

Only joking, he's a bit sad really.