Jasper the guinea pig, by Richard, age 5

There are many places of great mystery and intrigue on the earth. Let one think of such as these, for example Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Loch Ness, the deep ocean trenches unexplored by man, the land of Ispog and indeed the Physic's prep. room. Let us focus on a particularly peculiar aspect of the latter, namely the reverse of the door leading from this magical place to Kev's lab. On this side of this door between these rooms, is, unbeknown to many, a great wonder of our age. This is a picture, so excellent it could almost be mistaken for a photograph, of Jasper the Guinea-pig. It was created by Richard, aged 5. Knowledge of Richard, very obviously an infant wonder, has long since disappeared into the minds of those who have gone before us. Perhaps we shall never truly know all of Richard's genius, thus rendering this an unsolved mystery.