Being late is a very regular occurrence in Gopsi. Registration is the usual situation to be late for, simply because it is at the end of lunch and so it can be easily missed when moving strange pieces of modern art around the town. It is also in the morning, and so it is quite common for people to stay in bed (for whatever purpose) until five minutes before the bell.

However, if one does not wish to be late but has only five minutes until the bell and still has not woken up, one must carry out one or more of the following methods:

1. Rushing.

This involves running about the place like a headless chicken, continually tripping over things, jumping over objects (eg books, chairs, people), and performing twenty six and a half different tasks at once.

2. Planning.

This is slightly more difficult than rushing, as it involves a process called thinking. When performing one job such as getting dressed, it is important to think of anything that needs to be done, and then one never has to wait for anything, as things that take time can like cooking toast can be done while cleaning teeth and opening the front door.

3. Rushing (2).

This is probably the easiest option, and it works best if you are running very late. It involves not doing things properly at all; ie. bunging on random clothes, picking up a pile of random books, yelling "BUGGER", and jumping out of the bedroom window.