It was Tennyson who wrote "It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all." (He frequently came out with that sort of crap). No-one said the following statement, but listen for they are words of wisdom: "It is better to have someone love you that you do not love, than to love someone who does not love you."

If one were to combine the two, ultimate wisdom can be found: "It is better for someone who you do not love to love you, and then to stop loving you, than for the person who loves you that you do not love to continue loving you and for you to continue not loving them, for you to love a person who does not love you and then for you to stop loving them, or to stop loving the person who does not love you, and then for the person who did not love you to start loving you, or to be a heartless git with no feelings that no-one likes."