Low, Looking high, high, high, Looking low, low,

This song has the dubious distinction of being possibly the worst Eurovision song contest entry in the world ever. Not even "Boom Bang-a-Bang" can equal it in complete crapulence. The main thing was that although the lyrics were talking about how some bloke's bird had just done a bunk and bogged off somewhere, since it was in the fifties, the singer had to sing it in that ludicrously chipper and cheerful voice that everybody always used then. So all together now, strum your 180 piece orchestra and scrupulously avoid singing the following words:

"Looking high, high, high,
Looking low, low, low,
Wondering why, why, why,
Did you go, go, go?"

(Repeat ad nauseam, ie. twice)

And the twit singing it grinned mercilessly all the sodding way through.