MGFC, the Mr Gibb fan club

As one of the number of subsidiary Gopsi organisations, the club for fans of this teacher of the most historical subject, it most definitely earns itself a place in this book. For this association lasted for longer than most of the other Gopsi societies, its realm stretching through thousands of years (well, at least a day). A fundamental part of this fan club was the black-list. When a member of Gopsi (and thus of MGFC) approached an as of yet non-member of the MGFC, the following question (or words to that effect) was asked: "Do you want to join the Mr Gibb Fan Club?" If the answer was 'Yes' or another affirmatory remark, the name of the individual wishing to join was added to the list of members. If, however the answer was of the opposite nature (i.e. 'no' or an unpleasant insult), the name of the person was taken down and added not to the list of members but to the black list. This was white, however, because no-one thought about using black paper. The threatening thing about this list was that these names were later shown to Mr. Gibb himself, so that he could go out and find these nasty people, and shoot them dead, or string them up in his torture chamber and twist their thumbs, noses, ears, toes and various other parts of their bodies off. However, he did not quite live up to expectations such as these and in fact would probably have preferred not to have a fan club at all. A prominent member of the fan club was Ermintrude Duffield (Macbeth). See the appropriate entry in this fabulous encyclopedia.