Minsden Chapel

In a small wood among the fields above the hamlet of Chapelfoot, situated just north of St Paul's Walden, west of Stevenage, lies the ruin of a small chapel, reputed to be haunted. Minsden Chapel (for that is the name by which it is known) has been unused for many years, and is quite overgrown. The historian Reginald Hine, who lived in nearby Hitchen, often visited it, and in fact is buried there.

Minsden Chapel has been visited on multiple occasions by Gopsians on their own or together. The most notable time was when DE and SP were there at midnight on Halloween, to see the ghost. Unfortunately, no ghost was seen, but we did meet some other ghost-hunting people, circle Reginald Hine's gravestone several times (but failing to thereby summon the ghost), and consume some beer.

The time the most Gopsians were there simultaneously was when we visited at the start of the historic 15-mile walk home from the pub (the pub being, of course, the Royal Oak at Chapelfoot).

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