Number of the day

A deter-"so to speak"-minant of a matrix is a certain number derived from the values of a matrix. It gives useful information about the matrix for use in equations and mathematical methods. In the same way, the number of the day is a certain number derived from the values of certain statistics about the date. However, in true Gopsi fashion, the number of the day gives absolutely no useful information about the day or about anything else. It could be used in mathematical equations, if there were such a formula which involved the number of the day. However, at present, neither Pogopsi nor anyone else has so far invented such an equation like this. Perhaps this is unsurprising, due to the fact that both the old and the new equations for the number of the nay involve a random number x, where 0 < x < 1. Some people criticise this, but they're obviously stupid. The new modified number of the day also includes more information such as the time, day of the week, angle of the dangle, temperature, etc. It is far more complicated than the original formula, which means it will give an even more accurate answer, for absolutely no purpose at all.

You can now download the numotd software to calculate the number of the day, for both linux / unix and windows.