Certain members of Gopsi often have a habit of saying "It's a pencil" in a slightly rhythmic nature, for no reason what so ever. The origin of this has been long since forgotten, but it is thought to have started in a Physics lesson, and certainly by SP.

'Pencil' is also the name by which Gopsians refer to Mr. Honeybourne, an art teacher. This is because the initials of the first and last syllables of his surname are HB, which is a type of pencil, and that pencils are often used in the subject he teaches.

Pencil has his own language which is very similar to English, but minor differences make him seem very strange to the people who are unaware of his diversity. Very little of his language has been translated, but it is known that in his language "Can I borrow a pen please, Sir?" means "Tell me about your haunted house in Canada."