Tim Pearson, noted in society for his accidently drawing a red line on a newly painted whitish wall during a physics lesson, is often thought of in connection with people who enjoy falling off boards with sails attached to them. He has a great interest in many irrelevant things (but they're not irrelevant, they're a hippopotamus), including Malaysia, washing machines, swimming for charities involved in founding British Hearts, paragliding and physics, strangely enough. He is also interested in why ancient temple builders couldn't learn to use a ruler when they made their steps.

His astounding achievement of a grade E in 'A' level phys makes him marginally better qualified than most teachers to do his job. When he's not filling the board with integration and other complicated principles at yet unlearnt by the members of the class, he is trying to work out how to make a practical work in the prep. room, while members of the class indulge in such activities as firing springs at his jacket.

Up until a few years ago, Mr Pearson was known to the members of Gopsi as "Mr. Pearson", but due to a spooneristic error in D.E.'s statement of his intention to place his Physics assessment is Mr. Pearson's pigeon hole, i.e. him saying "Mr Pigeon's pearson hole", the name "Pigeon" was used thereforth.

One peculiar characteristic Pigeon has, is that when teaching A-Level Physics, or just giving general talks about wind-surfing, he is known to perform simple harmonic motion at the front of the class room, with the white board being the origin. However, the restoring force is often broken as he approaches the left hand side of the classroom (facing the board), and he flies off into the prep. room, and often hitting Lab technicians, fifth formers etc.