To write a poem in gopsi
It need not be all that pretty
You can use lots of different words
Like penis, bum and slimy turds.
You needn't worry if its crap,
It may still put you on the map.
'Cause poem writing is quite hard
(Even if you're a tub of lard!)
And its just impossible, all of the time,
Just finding words that sound alike.
Don't worry if the lines don't quite work,
Just use space fillers like: Michael Buerk
If the subjects tend to sue,
Say it wasn't the real you.
Don't worry if its crap as hell,
Most other poems are as well.
Of course, if you really spoil it,
You could just flush it down the toilet.
And if it isn't all that long,
Just turn it into a gopsi song.
So for writing poems at this school,
There really is no hard and fast rule,
But to attract many a fan,
You should always fit as many words into the last line as you possibly