During the recent excavations of the black poles, we discovered some ancient documents, concerning the poles in the science corridor. After many hours of translation, we found the following:

Be aware of this wisdom, for the poles in the block of science are more sacred then the stars, and you can allow them to control your life, just by kicking them, ritualistically.

Thou shalt kick not three poles during travel along the corridor of travel, for he who does so shall be cast into the pit of eternal pain, and RE lessons.

Also, he who kicketh a single pole, whichever it shalt be, shall die a horrible death, probably by a snake or something.

Forgiven shall be the person who boots two poles, for he knows not the error of his ways, unless the two poles that he does the said deed to are the first and last, because the Gods like that, and might give you some chocolate.

The Kingdom of heaven shall belong to he that kicketh four of the great poles, for of all the deeds that can be done, that is the most daring deed that can be done.

It is also a good idea if you kick the two radiators as well, so people think you are really sad.

It doesn't really matter if you forget all this, and don't kick any poles at all, or even kick a random selection of poles, as whether you are good or bad fluctuates fifty times a second, which gives you a 0.5 chance of being good, which rounds up to one, and so you will always be perfect.