River Gop, the

This is not the river running through the land of Ispog in to the Gopsea. This is due to the rather problematic fact that Ispog does not actually contain a river, estuary, creek, tributary, brook, bayou, burn, beck, rill, outpouring, rivulet, run, rush, surge, torrent or even a single muddy ditch. However, had Ispog a river, it might well be known as the Gop. This river would of course gush from the rocky and mountainous land in the central region of the land, flow down through the windswept valleys, meandering through the open farmland of Ispog, and sweeping out into the Gopsea (which, incidentally, is of greater magnitude than the Caspian sea), to continuously fill this pleasant expanse of water with pure liquid from the hills, if there were any Ispog mountains, valleys, farmland (apart from the Gopsi paddy field) or any other type of countryside object or type of terrain. However, there's not, so it couldn't and it doesn't.