Rolls, The

Three rolls, belonging to a certain unnameable member of Gopsi, exist. The thing is, they have existed for rather longer than their "best before date" would suggest. In fact, the earliest recorded date of their existence is Christmas 1990, when they were taken home from their previous place in a desk. They contain no mould, being too dry and hard to provide suitable conditions for any organism to live on them. They come from the school kitchen, and were taken before being consumed at lunch time and carried away in the pockets of the person previously unnamed. They still remain, wrapped as ever in a plastic bag. They are a miracle in the lives of the members of Gopsi.

Update: in 2003 they were transferred outside the country for safe-keeping. No mould has yet been discovered upon them.

The Rolls, in Brussels, February 2004
This image shows the rolls as they looked in February 2004. (In fact, they've looked much the same since 1990...) They were located in Brussels, Belgium, at the time this photograph was taken.