Skulamunger is a very useful word with special magical powers. Making a verbal. utterance of this word (thats right, saying it), reverses the present situation. As one theological creation theory goes:

"In the beginning was nothing, and God created darkness, and he saw the darkness was bad. Then he said 'Skulamunger!', and behold for lightness filled the universe."

Another recorded use was Shakespeare's initial drafting of Macbeth:

Macbeth: "You cannot harm me, for thou art born of a woman!"
Macduff: "Skulamunger! Now I can!"
Macbeth: "Aaaarrgh!!"

It was to be included in the Oxford English Dictionary, but was excluded due to an unfortunate conversation between the author of the entry and the publisher:

Author: "Just going to put that new word in."
Publisher: "What word is that?"
Author: "Skulamunger."