Slang, gopsi

Now in the process of being developed into a complete language labelled "Gopsi", this particular type of slang started off just as a few words, but now has such a large vocabulary that everyone is getting terribly confused. Be sure to read the book that might or might not (in fact probably won't, unless we can be bothered, which is very unlikely) come out in the not too far future (whenever that may be): "The fantasialistly reasonable dictionary of Gopsi slang and language". A short vocabulary is included in Appendix C of this book to start you off.

Just for fun, why don't you try converting the following into English (although I wouldn't bother): A Blub is a technologicalitical termonologicaliword in lynch and in Englongulationish, when being floccinokinihlipilificasatintionilised, floccinokinihlipilificasationilistically.