Twang soo do

Cunningham Hill was the site for the first Pogopsi practice of the ancient martial art of Twang Soo Do. This involves the manipulation and firing of brutal, yet flexible and scary weapons, often at other people. This extremely skilled art-form and sport is one of the great Gopsi activities, along with pole sliding and being stupid.

(Sorry, that should be 'being perfectly sane'). Although this great method of self-defence is also practised by other people, the Gopsi ways of performing it, and the name, are of course the best. Samson, biblical hero, has muscles, on his arms, standing out like rubber bands. Thus 'Twang Soo Do' is a fundamental feature of that great Gopsi song, 'Samson'.

If you yourself would like to participate in this wonderful activity, find yourself a number of the appropriate weapons (check size, thickness, stretchiness and make sure it has no perceptible flaws, liable to make it break and therefore injure you). Place one end around one thumb (only one, because otherwise you get into an awful mess). Pull the other end back in the manner of your choosing (this varies according to person). Aim the weapon, and then let go, to fire. This will then, according to type of weapon, strength of pull, air density, wind direction and aim, injure a fellow human being significantly. It can also be used on animals, walls, targets, and famous paintings. You will find that this act of violence, in whatever form, will greatly satisfy you and you will become addicted to it for the rest of your conscious life.

(Alright, so it's just flicking a rubber band.)