Gopsi Vocabulary (Abridged)

Blub : Bulb
Brick :Break
Chem :Chemistry
Elongulationish :English
Floccinokinihlipilificasatintionilised :Floccipaucinihilipilificated
Floccinokinihlipilificasationilistically :Floccipaucinihilipilifically
Gopsi :Guild Of Perfectly Sane Individuals
also Guild of Pole Sliding Individuals
Haddock :Turd
History : Maths
Jim :(Jim can mean anything)
LABC :Let's all be cretins!
Lynch :Lunch
Maths : History
MGFC :Mr. Gibb Fan Club
MRAS :Magic Roundabout Appreciation Society
PAS :Pingu Appreciation Society
Phys :Physics
POGDA :Prevention Of Getting Dry Association
POGopsi :Part of Gopsi
Pooball :Football
POPOGopsi :Part of Part of Gopsi
Sadism :Physical Education
SAS :Society against sadism
Satanism :Religious Education
Shovel and Pick :Wick
Technologicalitical :Technological
Technologicalities : Technology
Technologicalitition :Technician
Termologicaliword :Term
Tree :Tree
WIFCITDELUS :Weird Ideas For Crazy Inventions That Do Exceedingly Little Useful Society