Due to a misinformed rumour the wick has often been mistaken with a furniture shop in Shrewsbury. Fortunately this error is no longer made, although it is said that a wardrobe was once seen half-way up a tree which was growing next to a ditch by the front door of the furniture shop (Bugger me if I know what he's going on about - ed).

Despite the fact that the wick is used by many people of the insane population of the world, it is thought of by the few as a Gopsi haunt. Containing a lake almost a big as the Gopsea, several trees, three bridges, a half eaten pork pie and a fire-breathing cocker-spaniel, it is as a small wood by some and a vast enchanted area by others. Also, it's a bit scary in the dark, especially when maniacs try to kill you with their bicycles.