Indicator, gopsi

This amazing Scientific invention, which not only informs the user of the pH of a substance, but also tells you every possible fact, reading and article that you could ever want to know, or not as the case may be (and is).

If the substance that you are applying the indicator to has a pH greater than 7, then it turns bright green with pink spots. However, if it is an acidic substance, then the solution turns orange with green and yellow stripes.

Data On Special GOPSI Samples - Can You Guess What They Are?

Colour:   Very Bright Green, with masses of yellow and green stripes.
State:   Gaseous (Very).
Smell:   Awful
Appearance:   Clear
Abundance:   Excessive
% of Earth:   Too great, and increasing proportionally with David's intake of Baked Beans.

Colour:   Green with huge pink spots
State:   Allegedly solid, although I have my doubts, possibly a super cooled liquid.
Smell:   Alcoholic, mainly Sherry.
Appearance:   Off white, like mud mixed with cream.
Abundance:   Also Excessive.
% of Earth:   Far too much as no bugger will eat it and it is impossible to either digest or in any other manner destroy this unnatural compound.

(Note, Pure Evil would find this a very interesting compound to add to his snowball of knowledge).