IRA Mafia Brothel

For some time now, undercover observation has been being undertaken on several suspicious sites, and some interesting information has been recorded. For the purposes of the continuing observation, full details are not able to be given.

One particular site is the focus of attention. It is where the strange movements were first noticed. Brief details may be given on the inhabitants and associates:

The Godfather: Oldish, grey hair, frequently arrives and departs from the centre of operations.
The Child : Named Jason, training to be bugler/ terrorist.
The Whores : In varying cars with changing identities and appearances.

The organisation is involved chiefly in crime and involves many people.

Drug dealing is a common occurrence. Beware of anything unusual throughout the world, for it is probably the work of the IRA Mafia Brothel.

GOPSI health warning : becoming involved with this organisation, or unprofessional observation, could lead to death, and then being stowed in the boot of an old black car.

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