Animal purdu

It is worth knowing where this peculiar phrase came from. It is, in fact, from a poster made during a French lesson (by an unknown and very foolish person). This poster was then stuck up on the wall of the corridor, in all its glory, with other similar posters. However as anyone can see, it has a simple error in its spelling. Unfortunately, the spelling error was so blatantly obvious, it being in a large 'headline' phrase at the top of the A4 page, that it was caught on to by Gopsi, who then took this as another of their collections of wise words. If it is said to you, you may either say it back to the speaker, or you may instead answer with "Blue custard same lovely creatures", or any of a number of other responses, such as "For my wife", "Stephen's telephone's probably still got batteries in, I expect" (although it's actually Zack's phone), or any other suitable Pogopsi / Gopsi approved words.

Finally, it must be noticed that Gopsi thinks nothing of lost animals, be they alive or dead, although some of us would prefer that Betty Beaumont was lost, killed, or even better, being tortured, mutilated, strangled and in a state of absolute fury, agony, terror, pain, misery, fear and anger to surpass that of any other being, human or nonhuman, excepting, of course the sadists we all know and detest.