Gopsi, members of

A full list of people who have been, or still are, members of Gopsi (Not always by choice), is included here, in alphabetical order:-

NB. Names in brackets are their REAL names, given to them by other members of Gopsi. They are all monosyllabic shortened versions of other names.

The main authors of this book, namely Stephen Penney (S.P.), David Edgar (D.E.), Timothy Democratis (T.D.) and Ian Jackson (I.J.), have their own entries in this book. Arnold Barton also has an entry, although it should be pointed out that he contributed no material to this encyclopedia.

However, this book would be in no way complete without saying something about each of the above members, which is done here. Now.

Bobby, Stephen's Cat is a cat called Bobby that belongs to Stephen. He is black and white. That's it.

Andrew Clark is the only one of the five main members of Gopsi to have achieved such a status with the minimum amount of being silly. This is not to say that he hates silliness in all forms, but has been known to describe daft acts as "pathetic". Or rather the people who perform them as pathetic. Come to think of it, he's got a point actually.

Zack Davies lives in a house marked by two large stone testicles outside it. He also hates Oasis, and has been known to play lots of musical instruments. It was noted once that he picked up Ian's violin, and played a tune on it; which is more that Ian can do. Other points of interest include him putting certain parts of his anatomy through a cat-flap, drinking odd cocktails (which contain Branston pickle and vodka), and standing on a stage in front of hundreds of people without any clothes on (That is: He's the one with no clothes on, not the audience).

John Finney lives on a farm in Shenley, Herts. He drives a tractor all over the place, and writes dodgy computer programs.

Susannah Ford has many nick-names, introduced by members of Gopsi, but it is not the purpose of this book to offend (Yeah, right), and so these will not be published here. She was, however, once awarded the title of "Pervert of the week".

Simon Graves is known for hitting David. Actually, most people are known for hitting David. Simon is also known for doing dangerous things with fireworks.

Rachel Hall likes looking after young children, and so many paedophile jokes have been made by members of Gopsi.

Peter Hicks used to tell lot's of extremely unfunny jokes. The thing is though, they were funny until he told them. His favourite one is "Two peanuts were walking down the road, and one was assaulted."

Robert Hunter is interested in Formula 1 Racecars, and wants to be one. Or was that a driver of one?

Richard Young is a dangerous individual, and should under no circumstances be approached by members of the public. He often hits people, and if they're lucky he just uses his fists. He is on first name terms with Satan.

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