Cooper, Mr Robin

I had to write this entry, as no one else could stop laughing for long enough to actually write anything sensible. Everyone seems under the impression that he is a weak and hilariously funny character, when in fact he is very wise, and a fanatic sex object. He can talk to you for hours about the decline in the surplus demand for small bits of string in the economy, enthral you with his vast knowledge of model aeroplanes that he built himself and almost work, and is not boring at all. I personally found his assembly on the increased land use of Antarctica fascinating.

His great skills as a stand up comic are often put into practice in such assembles, starting off with an absolutely hilarious piece of music that he plays on a crap (but well selected) keyboard from the music department, and then goes on to wildly humorous things such as how he lives near the M25 and how they are planning to extend parts of it to seven lanes. Who else could come up with a cracker like that?

A song exists that was adapted by Stephen Temple, many years ago. It goes a little something like this -

Mr Cooper!
Awesome and Super!
The Producer!
Mr Cooper!

"Mr Cooper is as sexy as a turd in a swimsuit"
- Stephen's Computer

See also: Cooper effect, hot stuff.