Gopsi garden

The original incarnation of the Gopsi Garden lay in what is more commonly known nowadays as the Gopsea. Grit lay on its bed, hanging in sombre attitude through its whole being; grit was the Gopsea, the Gopsea, grit; grit filled its soul, its mind; no plants just pure hard anaphoric grit. In short - the Gopsi Garden latterly known as first the Gopsea and then the Gopsi Paddy Field (q.v.) was, to use a simple, but nevertheless effective adjective for describing this earthy, wet, aqueous, most lugubrious of natural, pastoral entities, totally (and surely utterly), yes, and utterly (indeed) fabulously, marvellously, brilliantly, superduperly, flatulently gritty.

It was located over the drain (See Map of Ispog). It was constructed to begin with by a bunch of Silly Buggers who, using as variety of implements, such as lunch boxes, etc. - starting the earth-shatteringly famous Gopsi JCB Brigade - managed to transfer soil from next to the fence, below the Gopsi Dustbin over to the drain. After several days of rain, the water would soak through, down the drain, leaving a soft fertile(ish) loam, (almost) ideal for growing plants. To mark this epoch-making event, Gopsi summarily planted some rare and beautiful examples of exotic, fast growing flowers (known to the weak minded as weeds) and watched while continuing to bring new soil. Unfortunately, a certain problem was encountered, in that, after a time, the water in the Gopsi Garden ceased to drain away. This being perceived, as much of the soil as possible (although it could then have been termed mud) was removed by the Gopsi JCB Brigade, to the new location of the Gopsi Garden.