Gopsi, The missing members of

Ancient Ispogian legends, passed down through the ages, speak of certain individuals who existed in the beginnings of the Gopsi era, some even before the very existence of the concept of Gopsi.

The list following attempts to include all those who were not members of Gopsi but who were instrumental in Gopsi history.

No-one knows where Bridget came from. No-one knows where she went to either.

Robert Buckeridge almost died when he fell off the Black Pole in a catastrophic accident. He suffered complications in the following months, and finally vanished into the ether in 1994.

Ernie has his own page in this fine encyclopedia.

Ian's dog was manufactured by The Cownson Dog Manufacturing Company Ltd. of Spalding, Lincolnshire. It was one of a limited edition of the g2-ZT range, and had serial number 705-015-6933-57441854. It met its tragic end during a routine re-wriring procedure to replace its bark with a less homosexual squeal. A confusion over which colour was the cathode on the power supply (see cathodes and anodes) led to it being propelled two hundred feet into the air before exploding into a fireball the size of Gilvo, which rained down on the village of Felching (Surrey), destroying the surrounding ten kilometers and sending the inhabitants fleeing from their abodes.

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