Science, the Gopsiesque laws of

1st Law: If any law of Science specified by the top scientists of the world is not confirmed or contradicted (or both) by the subsequent Gopsi laws then it is completely untrue.
2nd Law: A body sliding down the black pole shall continue to slide down the pole unless an external force acting in a direction perpendicular (or nearly perpendicular) to the horizontal component of the direction of the pole is applied to them, until they reach the end, at which time they shall slide, step, run, walk, hop, jump or fall off.
3rd Law: Loads of high-pitched squeaks and strange dances shall be emitted by any body pertaining to be a member of Gopsi at irregular intervals, but most commonly during brick and lynch.
4th Law: You can try passing heat from a cooler body to a hotter but you far better notta.
5th Law: It's always time for bed, if Zebedee says so, or sex, if Zebedee says so to Timothy.
6th Law: All Laws of Science are null and void in Stephen's house.
LA Law: Is crap.