It has been known, in the past, for people to have found treasure within the Gopsea. These great dragons'-hordes of loot, piling up and up and up and up and up are so valuable that you could buy a loaf of butter with them. However, as part of the recent economic crisis, the Klondike-o-matic treasure rush in the region has collapsed due to the sudden disappearance of the placer deposits of Crown Tender found in the Gopsea. In the Smaugo-fellatiological history of the Third Reich, new evidence has indicated that the Soviet looters, following their ravaging of eastern Germany have taken the bulk of it back to Russia and it is thought to be held in secret vaults of the Hermitage museum (See also: The Submarine).

There is a long history of treasure-hunting within Gopsi and to partake of this activity, one need only probe the submarine depths of the Gopsea to discover. Indeed, in several domiciles in the area, there are known to be various collections of the spoils of numerous battles in our epic struggles against Neptune and Mars the War God, a struggle between Good and Evil, between Titan and God, between Ice-Cream and Jelly. Ah. Woe.

The name Gopsea is also an acronym for one of the major Gopsi societies in the Abstract Relations/Loofahs sector of the Guild. It stands for Guild Of Plentiful Sex in Extra-marital Affairs. This view, as hinted by the title of the society, is one espoused by our virile (but not necessarily virulent) members.

See also: Gopsea, Gopsi Garden, Garden, Gopsi.