This is a very important word in Gopsi. It is. And don't you forget it. It has 207 letters and various noticeable points in its spelling (burdbeserk, magnesiumetamorphosis and locomotiun being the main problems). A noticeable point about this word is that the central letter is the 'm' in 'disumberk'. It can be said, after some practice, in under 8 seconds. However, some Gopsians often manage to say it considerably faster (6 or 7 seconds). You should be particularly proud when you can say it in only one breath. Fortunately, it has a remarkable quality about it of sayabilty. Surprisingly enough, the rather disjointed bits of it flow well together. Despite it not being the longest word in the world, it is particularly special in that it has a full, unabridged meaning which is shorter in number of characters than the actual word.

It is generally taken to mean the state of a person being as clever as is humanly possible. To be fair, no-one has actually yet quite reached this standard, but most members of Gopsi have very nearly achieved it, at least according to them.

The word has some almost exciting history which is true, although unfortunately incomplete. This documentation was found quite a number of years after the word was first used. It was not known previously when the word was invented and so we are extremely extraordinarily lucky to be able to have this record of events so relevant to this word.

On the thirteenth day of the first month of the year,. the month going by the name of January, 1988 A.D. (Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord)), which was, as it happened, a Wednesday, David Edgar invented, during lunch time, while situated in the playground of Cunningham Hill Junior School, part of a word which was, without his prior knowledge, to revolutionise the lives of people, many of whom he had not at that time even met. It was a stunning achievement, therefore, to invent the word:


The day after that, the 14th, Timothy Democratis added to the word writing tradition by making the previous word into the word:


Our final knowledge of the history of this great word is on the 28th of the same month, a thursday, when 89 letters, believed to have been made and agreed by both the two Gopsians previously mentioned, are listed as:


It is, in my wholly regardable opinion, so fascinating that in these times can come such a miracle as this great word. It would previously have been beyond the belief of man that such a marvel could come from any known persons. It is not that it is long, because of course there are various other words which are much longer, but these 207 characters will stay with us always, as a symbol of intelligence, wisdom, skill, cunning, brilliance and above all total complete and utterly perfect sanity.