Important Numbers

0 - ghosts seen at Minsden Chapel

2 - the number of options before David and Stephen were let loose on them (see 203)

e - an irrational number which when raised to the power of pi times i, and added to 1, equals not a lot.

3 - the number of rolls

pi - the ratio of the diameter of a (perfect) gopsi-cake to its circumference

4 - what we used to Connect in GCSE technology

4 - number of times CSA crossed the road unnecessarily

5 - age of Richard, painter extraordinaire of "Jasper the Guinea Pig"

14 - Postboxes said hello to on 6/10/94

16 - trips on Gatwick (the hub without the hub-bub) shuttle train

27 - the number of swings we swung upon on 30/3/94

35 - seconds of gas oil

42 - the atomic number of Molybdenum

69 - a number remarkable solely for the fact that it is the only one with its own encyclopedia entry

81 - degrees something was once

120 - hours without doing a turd (soon after the lake district trip; record since beaten)

124 - not equal to 2 x 64 (see Alcohol)

203 - the number of options after Stephen and David had finished with them (see 2)

207 - letters in untim...

360 - degrees to be turned on a 'croquet hoop' to gain a silver or gold award

666 - the number of the beast

1772 - melting point of platinum - see candela